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Agency for Integrated Development of Mental and Social Health



At AYUSHMAAN we specialize in compassionate and nurturing treatment of individuals who struggle with substance abuse, as well as psychiatric and mental health problems. A group of caring medical and psychological professionals have helped thousands of our patients achieve something very special – sobriety outcomes two times higher than the national average. For patients with co-occurring disorders, AYUSHMAAN treats the whole person. We bring a compassionate, experienced team of clinicians together in a fully integrated and customized treatment program to help you recover. We use safe, proven, reliable evidenced-based treatment protocols and we treat you like family. Each and every day, we are guided by four very carefully chosen words – care, concern, compassion and competence. AYUSHMAAN is fully accredited by Healthcare and is one of the most respected and distinguished treatment centre in Guwahati, Assam.

Substance Abuse Treatment –
● Drug and/or Alcohol Detoxification
● Inpatient Drug and/or Alcohol Rehab
● Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
● Drug and/or Alcohol Intensive Outpatient
● Lifetime Aftercare Services
Psychiatric Treatment Program –
● 24-Hour Psychiatric Intake
● Inpatient Psychiatric Care
● Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
Resources –
● Assessment: Are you addicted?
● Addiction Health Risks
● Assessment: Are you depressed?
● Warning Signs of an Addiction Problem
● Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Questions

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Program – For individuals with drug and alcohol abuse issues, drug and alcohol detoxification is often the first step toward a life of sobriety. At AYUSHMAAN, you will complete a medically managed drug and/or alcohol detoxification program. At that time, you will be able to begin your path toward personal recovery from drugs and alcohol. The medical staffs at AYUSHMAAN are here to help you manage the process of withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs safely and effectively. We use the most advanced nationally recognized detoxification protocols. Each patient’s drug and /or alcohol detoxification program is designed uniquely for them. Individuals, who are at AYUSHMAAN for drug and/or alcohol detoxification, live in a special ward of our institution with close medical supervision and an emphasis on special nutritional programs. The length of drug and/or alcohol detoxification depends on many factors. An individual’s health, the substances involved and the number of years of drug and/or alcohol addiction are factors that determine how long a drug and/or alcohol detoxification might take.

Always remember: Recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction is possible. We’re here to help you.
Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program –
Substance abuse, (drug addiction, alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, illegal drug addiction) affects every part of our lives. Our personal relationships, our financial lives, our jobs, our spirituality, our place in the community – all are vulnerable as long as we are trapped by an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
AYUSHMAAN Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program is one of the most intensive drug and alcohol rehab programs available anywhere. We developed our evidence based drug and alcohol addiction treatment program to help you achieve one main goal:
Long term sobriety. We have made great strides toward that goal: 80% of our patients are still sober after three years, double the national average.
Successful recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction often requires professional medical attention. Long term sobriety takes time and effort. At AYUSHMAAN, you’ll gone through a combination of different therapies, skill building, and you will learn and acquire new tools to help you remain sober.
As part of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, you will learn:

● to understand the nature of your drug and/or alcohol addiction
● how drug and/or alcohol addiction impacts the role you occupy in your family and community
● strategies to avoid situations where relapse is possible
In the event of relapse, the skills and support you need to return to a life of sobriety will be there. The good news is that you can successfully recover from chemical dependency. We can help you.
We provide multiple groups daily, including:
● 12-step groups
● Psychotherapy groups
● Psycho-educational groups
● Recreational alternative groups
● Community milieu groups
● Family groups
● Special issues groups
AYUSHMAAN offers our patients day and evening intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs to accommodate your schedule. Programs include individual assignments, and three hours of intensive group therapy, four days a week.
Additional services can include:
● individual counselling
● family therapy
● physical evaluations
● medication management
Drug screenings are also an integral part of the program. We offer multiple day and evening programs to accommodate varying schedules.
Aftercare Program –
At AYUSHMAAN, we begin to design an aftercare program for you at the time of your admission. Aftercare involves a continuum of step-down care. Beyond our aftercare program at AYUSHMAAN, we also maintain a network of alternative care programs to refer patients to as required. AYUSHMAAN offers a lifetime of free after care services, including support groups, internet-based tracking and interactive support services.
24 / 7- Hour Psychiatric Intake –
AYUSHMAAN is one of the most distinguished and longest standing acute care psychiatric hospitals. For nearly 3 years, AYUSHMAAN has successfully treated our patients for most major mental, emotional and psychiatric disorders and helped them return to a normal, productive life.
We treat the following mental health issues:
● Depression
● Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
● Suicidal thoughts
● Psychotic Disorder
● Co-occurring - substance abuse or drug addiction
● Schizophrenia
For adults age 18 and over, we offer a full continuum of psychiatric services to meet any level of care required on an inpatient or partial hospitalization/day treatment basis.
At AYUSHMAAN, we specialize in evaluating and effectively treating co-occurring conditions. We perform extensive lab work to identify and manage any medical issues concurrent with psychiatric illness. Our team of physicians, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners understand the intricate relationship between psychiatric and medical disorders, and provide our patients an integrated model of care.
Our mental health program includes individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, medication evaluation, medication management and a skills building program.
Our Medical Staff Includes: Internationally trained Psycho-behaviourist, Psychiatrist, Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians, Clinical Social Workers, Professional Counsellors and Substance Abuse Counsellors.
Inpatient Psychiatric Care –
We designed our intensive inpatient program to first, efficiently and effectively evaluate and stabilize our patients. Once our medical team has stabilized our patient, we then work to help them acquire the coping skills they need in order to step down to lower levels of care. Our goal is to help each of our patients achieve the highest possible levels of functionality in the personal, interpersonal and occupational areas of their lives. AYUSHMAAN delivers state-of-the-art care in a modern facility fully equipped to manage safety issues, including involuntary commitment, use of 1:1 supervision, seclusion and restraints.
Psychiatric Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization –
In order to accommodate those patients who may not quite meet the criteria for an inpatient program and may not be doing so well at home, AYUSHMAAN has created a brand new partial day treatment program. This is a natural step-down program from the acute inpatient setting and allows our patients to be in a supportive setting until the next stage of their treatment plan goes into effect.
The day treatment program is six and a half hours a day and patients can come and go as they please. The program offers counselling and skills building exercises along with family and individual counselling. AYUSHMAAN will provide lunch to our day treatment patients also.

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