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Agency for Integrated Development of Mental and Social Health



Uttaran is a research based project. Here. Not only interns but our team performs scientific studies in every new case. Students from all over India can join and conduct research for which we provide summer and winter internship programs. We also developed a 12 days course module on Learning Life Skills through Performing Arts collaboration with SATWIKA-SCHOOL OF LEARNING LIFE SKILLS THROUGH PERFORMING ARTS, KOLKATA(A UNIT OF ESSGEE CONSULTANY).

Our main aim is to provide life skills training among different age group (8-10 yrs),(11-13 yrs)(14-16 yrs) .Training provides a common language and approach to supporting children and their families to develop important life skills needed to thrive. We also provide evidence-based professional development which fits nicely with existing systems of professional development and equips attendees to share the information within their organizations and communities.

The plan is to develop more modules on life skills and execute it through training among adolescents population. At the same time Uttaran is also responsible for giving Life Skill education training for parents/guardian based on the guidelines by WHO, which is important and essential part of our life to maintain and to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.Research has shown that these essential life skills can be taught and improved with support and practice, even with young children. It is never too early—or too late—to promote them. Think of these abilities as muscles: the more we work on them, the stronger they become. And this is just as true for adults as it is for children.

What strategies can you use to practice and improve focus and self control? Take time to reflect on the role of this life skill in your own life, as well as on its importance in the lives of children.

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